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Information Literacy Modules
  • What is a book?

    A book is written to be read from beginning to end.  You may read it:
    • In a database
    • On a web site
    • In print
    • On your computer or e-reader (e.g., Kindle, Nook, iPad)

  • Who contributes to a book?

    • Author
    • Illustrator

  • How do I evaluate an author's knowledge?

    A credible author may:

    • Have a degree in this subject
    • Study or do research on this topic
    • Work in a related field
    • Write about this topic regularly
    • Have first-hand knowledge
    • Have participated in, or observed, events and people

  • Does the book have information I need?

    • Table of Contents: Is this book (or chapter) about my topic?
    • Index: Are many pages listed for my keyword?

    Tip: Search or browse your e-book for important keywords.

  • Is current information important to understanding my topic?

    • Copyright page: What is the latest copyright date?
    • Bibliography: Does the author include recent sources?

  • Is this information "credible?"

    • Bibliography: Does the author cite expert sources?
    • Notes: Does the author support his ideas with evidence?

    Digging deeper:

    • Does this information fit with what I know?
    • Does the information conflict with other information I've found?

  • How do I cite a book?

    Use the title page and copyright pages to find:

    • Title and subtitle
    • Author
    • Illustrator
    • Publisher's name
    • Place of publication (use the first one listed)
    • Latest copyright date