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Information Literacy Modules
  • What is an anthology?

    An anthology is a collection of short works (poems, essays, primary sources, etc.):

    • By one author or many contributors
    • Usually organized by an editor

    The title may include the word "Reader," "Collected" or "Anthology."

  • How do I evaluate an editor or author?

    A contributor's expertise and credentials should relate to your subject. A credible editor or author might:

    • Hold a degree in this subject
    • Study or do research on this topic
    • Work in a related field
    • Write about this topic regularly
    • Have first-hand knowledge

    A contributor's credentials and expertise are listed:

    • In a section (e.g., "List of Contributors," "About the Authors," "About the Editors")
    • In an editor's note before or after each short work

  • How do I evaluate an essay written for the anthology?

    • What is the main idea or argument?
    • What evidence is presented to support claims?
    • Do the conclusions follow logically from the analysis?
    • Could you interpret things differently?
    • Whose perspective might be missing?

    Does this source fit?

    • Does this essay add another dimension to the topic?
    • Does the information make sense, given what I already know?

  • How do I cite a short work in an anthology?

    For the whole anthology, find:

    • Title
    • Editor(s)
    • Publisher's name and imprint
    • Place of publication
    • Series name
    • Latest copyright date
    • Edition

    The author and title of the short work can be found:

    • In the Table of Contents
    • At the top of the selection

  • How do I cite a short work from an anthology in a database?

    Gather the facts of publication from:

    • The title and copyright page, if you can see them
    • The short work you are using
    • The database's citation