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Information Literacy Modules
  • What is a work of visual art?

    An object (painting, photograph, art object) that you actually see in a:

    • Museum
    • Library archive
    • Private collection
    • Public space

  • What is a work of visual art?

    A digitized work of art online with full information about:

    • The physical location (museum, archive, library, etc.)
    • The object's features (medium, artist, creation date)

  • What is the medium?

    Look for descriptive words like:

    • Photograph: daguerreotype, gelatin silver print
    • Painting: oil, latex, acrylic, watercolor
    • Drawing: pen and ink, charcoal, watercolor
    • Print: Etching, screen print, lithograph
    • Building: metal, glass, concrete
    • Sculpture: bronze, metal, wood, marble
    • Pottery: Ceramic, clay, glass
    • Textiles: Fiber, felt, silk

  • Where do I find the citation elements?

    Displayed art is often labeled:

    • Title
    • Creator
    • Date

    You may have to locate other elements:

    • Collection name
    • Museum name
    • City

  • How can I find my digitized image again?

    A URL may not be permanent, so look for an image number:

    • Image ID
    • Accession number
    • Reproduction number

  • How do I cite Google Art Project?

    Click "Details" to gather information about:

    • The artwork's features
    • The physical location