NoodleTools, Inc. Privacy Policy

Last updated: June 19, 2017

Our Commitment to Privacy

NoodleTools ( is specifically designed as a private and secure teaching and learning space for schools and students. This privacy policy (“Privacy Policy”) describes our stringent policies for protecting personal information in clear language that you – as an administrator, teacher, parent or student – can understand.

  1. We do not collect any personally identifiable information from children under 13.
  2. We do not collect, maintain, use or share personal information beyond what is necessary for authorized educational / school or legal purposes.
  3. We will never sell any personal information to any third party.
  4. There is absolutely no tracking of any personal information for third-party or marketing purposes on NoodleTools.
  5. We will never expose any student, teacher, or other user of NoodleTools to any third-party advertisements on our site.
  6. NoodleTools makes every effort to comply with all applicable federal and state data privacy laws including the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (“COPPA”) and the Family Educational and Privacy Rights Act (“FERPA”).

Scope of this Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy applies to all parts of the NoodleTools service (“Service”), as follows:

  • “NoodleTools,” our online research management platform for students and teachers.
  • “NoodleTools Companion,” our mobile applications for NoodleTools’ subscribers.
  • “Have a Question?” our email-based expert help service for students and teachers with research questions.

By using the Service, you acknowledge that you accept and agree to this Privacy Policy.

For any material changes that we may make to this Privacy Policy in the future, all subscribers will be promptly informed via notification on the NoodleTools homepage. If we make any changes to this Privacy Policy, we will change the Last Updated date above.

Information Necessary to Subscribe

There are two types of subscribers to our Service. A “Site Subscriber” is typically a school, school library, district, state, university, or consortium using the classroom version of NoodleTools. An “Individual Subscriber” is a single person – typically a scholar, or a university or graduate student – who uses the non-classroom version of NoodleTools for independent research.

When either a Site or Individual subscribes to NoodleTools, we collect only the minimal pieces of information we need for subscription registration and billing purposes. Usernames, passwords, and IP ranges collected for the purpose of site-access authentication are held in the strictest confidence.

NoodleTools, Inc. is the sole owner of any information collected for subscription purposes. We will not sell, share, or distribute this information in any way, or use it for any other purpose than for site access authentication and subscription/renewal processes. However, such information may be provided to an entity that is in negotiations with us to purchase all or substantially all of the business or assets of NoodleTools. This may include a merger, financing, acquisition, or bankruptcy transaction or proceeding.

For Site accounts, payment is made by physical check or credit card for which details are submitted by fax or orally by telephone. No credit card or other payment information is collected, stored or processed in our database. All fax payment records are promptly shredded.

For Individual accounts, payment is made through an external PayPal service and we do not see or handle the credit card / payment information. Pursuant to COPPA, for children under 13 requesting an individual account, there is specific language on our submission form counseling the child to obtain parental permission, and have the parent complete the credit card payment.

Using our Platform – An Educational Service that is Truly Private

For any Site subscribing to NoodleTools, we follow these guiding principles related to identifiable personal information and privacy:

  1. NoodleTools, Inc. upholds COPPA, FERPA and related regulations.
  2. For any student accessing NoodleTools from a K12 Site subscription, neither name nor e-mail address nor other personally identifiable information is required for a student to create personal folders or otherwise use NoodleTools or NoodleTools Companion. Our commitment to COPPA and the protection of children under 13 thus extends to all K12 students at a Site.
  3. Within the NoodleTools classroom environment, a student is identifiable by a screen name or name of choice. For children under 13, the prompt for this screen name specifically instructs them to supply only a first name and last initial.
  4. For group work, a teacher or classroom peers may not access any student’s folder for purposes of viewing and providing feedback unless the student expressly provides that permission. Our guiding principle is that the student is the owner and author of his or her work, and thus must grant permission allowing a teacher or peer to gain a view into that work.
  5. Students and teachers can only provide access to their folders on a Project-by-Project basis with those within the private and limited scope of the Site, and not beyond.
  6. Teachers, and college-level students at college Sites – In the user profile, there is an optional field in which an email address can be, but is not required to be, supplied when registering for NoodleTools.

For any Individual subscribing personally to NoodleTools (i.e. not through a school or university Site), we follow these guiding principles related to identifiable personal information and privacy.

  1. Your name and email address collected at registration are associated with your account, for purposes of password reset.
  2. Students under 13 are expressly requested to obtain parental permission before signing up for an Individual NoodleTools account. (Since Individual accounts are primarily subscribed by university students and scholars, it is infrequent that a young child under 13 would seek access to NoodleTools on an individual basis.)
  3. Projects created in Individual accounts are not share-able or viewable by any other person.

One-Time, Limited Access to Personal Information for Specific Educational Purposes

Under the “Limited Exceptions to COPPA’s Verifiable Parental Consent Requirement,” when a student working in NoodleTools uses the function to e-mail their work to themselves or another person, the e-mail address is used in a one-time manner according with that purposes, and is NOT stored by NoodleTools.
Similarly, if a student e-mails NoodleTools directly for help through our “Have a Question?” service, that e-mail address is used only on a one-time basis to respond to the student from a secure email service that is separate from, and not connected to, the NoodleTools platform and the student’s NoodleTools account.

Third-Party Integrations on NoodleTools

NoodleTools may contain links to other websites. There is no exchange of personal information by NoodleTools to any external service or website.
NoodleTools also currently connects to Google Docs through the Google Drive API, so that students can export notes and bibliographies to a writing space if he or she so chooses. NoodleTools prompts for the student’s or teacher’s Google ID to facilitate this integration, and that Google ID is not used by NoodleTools for any other purpose.

Please be aware that NoodleTools, Inc. is not responsible for the privacy or data security practices of any other website or service. We encourage our users to be aware when they leave our site and to read the privacy policies and terms of service of all websites that they visit. This Privacy Policy applies solely to information collected by NoodleTools. The use of all external services or websites are at your own risk, regardless of whether such services are linked or connected to NoodleTools, and NoodleTools shall have no liability related to the use of any external service or website.

Passive Information Collection Technologies – Only for Internal Operations

No identifiers are ever used except for to provide support for our internal operations, site and service. Identifiers that might be considered personal information can include passive geolocation technology and IP address logs. For example, log files are generated by the ISP service that hosts the NoodleTools website. These log files contain information about the users that access the site, including IP addresses. In order to compile usage statistics for subscribing organizations, we also record the date and time that users log in to the system, and from what IP address they log in.

Certain information is stored by NoodleTools using session and persistent cookies. Those cookies are used only for the express and limited purpose of maintaining the user’s active session and login preferences, and to customize the user’s experience within NoodleTools.

Our Security Practices

NoodleTools maintains a security program that is designed to protect the security, privacy, confidentiality and integrity of the student personal information against risks such as unauthorized access or use, or unintended or inappropriate disclosure. This includes use of SSL and secure firewalls. Our site has minimal collection of personal information, and minimal integration with services that could cause any unintended transference of personal information. If you have any questions about the security at our website, you can contact us via the NoodleTools Help Desk.

Data Retention, Destruction, Correction

To the extent allowed by applicable law, NoodleTools may retain personally identifiable information provided by you after the termination of your relationship with us. If a K12 Site requests that NoodleTools delete or destroy personally identifiable student information after the termination of its relationship with us, we will take commercially reasonable efforts to do so within 60 days; provided, however, that NoodleTools may retain aggregated and anonymized data in its sole discretion.

If a parent, student, principal, or teaching staff member would like to make corrections to data that has been collected they can either submit a request to the NoodleTools Help Desk or submit a letter to the following address: NoodleTools, Inc., PO Box 60214, Palo Alto, CA 94306.

Terms of Service

This Privacy Policy is incorporated into our Terms of Service and is part of that contractual agreement between you (the user) and us (NoodleTools, Inc.) and is enforceable under the provisions of that Terms of Service, as updated or amended from time to time.

Contact Us

For any questions regarding our Privacy Policy or the content of the NoodleTools Service, please contact:

Damon Abilock, Co-Founder