Our Philosophy

We are unique in our treatment of the research process as a “heart of synthesis,” an essential thinking space of its own rather than a marginal step (to be automated) en-route to writing. Besides keeping students organized and on task, our workflow helps students to evaluate, synthesize and properly attribute information, weight and weave arguments, and build the connections necessary for breakthrough thinking. As one student remarked, “I created my thesis statement, I researched my topic, and I changed my mind!”

In this digital age, information is increasingly packaged, served up, marketed, and personalized.  We’re all learning to evaluate and reevaluate the rules of objectivity. At NoodleTools, students grow a healthy dose of skepticism and a lifelong mindset for original work and academic integrity.  We support an intellectual transformation in which novice to expert researchers – of all ages and abilities – can be nurtured as independent, self-reflective learners.

Meet Our Founders

Damon Abilock
Product Dev & Customer Experience

Debbie Abilock
Educational Vision & Content