NoodleTools Overview (2019)

New to NoodleTools? This live-interface demo covers most features of the research platform, from both a student’s and teacher’s point of view.

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What's New in NoodleTools (2019)

A look back -- and then forward!

A redesign of the NoodleTools citation forms, new database integrations, and a quick look back for the company’s 20th birthday!

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Teaching with NoodleTools (2016)

Instructional strategies

We provide ideas to K-12 teachers about specific instruction that can be done using elements of the NoodleTools research platform. Includes public projects that can be copied into your own NoodleTools account to kick-start teaching.

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What's New in MLA (2016)

MLA 8th edition changes

The 8th edition of the MLA Handbook¬†flexibly handles any new media or format. Learn about “containers” and other important changes in this 30-minute webinar.

Be sure to check out our growing collection of source-specific MLA 8 PDF templates. Print them out or fill them in online!

The perfect way to learn more, for beginners through experts.

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