College or University

Cost based on FTE

  • Unlimited access for all students and instructors.
  • Discounts available for institutions with multiple campuses (regional or national).

Single School

Cost based on student enrollment

  • Unlimited access for all students and teachers at an elementary, middle or high school.
  • Cost based on student enrollment in grades 5-12.

School District

10-40% discounts

  • Unlimited access to all students and teachers within a K-12 district.
  • Elementary schools free when all middle and high schools participate.


Best pricing possible

  • We work with many consortia and purchasing cooperatives to offer member schools the best possible rates.
  • Contact us to learn more and request pricing for your consortium.


$15 / year

  • Unlimited access for an individual student or researcher. Nothing to install, access from anywhere.
  • Designed to support a single user. Classroom and collaboration features not included.

Need help choosing a plan? Interested in a group discount for your district or consortium? Get in touch.