Provide formative feedback right at the point of need.

  • Provide constructive, in-context feedback. View and comment directly into student notecards and citations – anytime, anywhere. Receive responses from students explaining how they’ve incorporated your suggestions.
  • Scaffold writing across disciplines. Collaborate across library and classroom, or with cross-curricular colleagues, to share commenting on student work.
  • See a visual representation of a student’s source list. Look at overall patterns in each student’s choice of sources. Make suggestions about relevance, balance, and currency. Students can view, and reflect on, their own patterns too.

Give students a trusted place to get started on their projects.

  • Promote transparency. Highlight your teaching rubrics, reading lists, resources and requirements on the student’s dashboard.
  • Start work with a template. Provide your students with a template project containing example citations, notecards, an outline, or a to-do schedule.

Ready to learn more?

View detailed tutorials on all of these features.