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iPad initiatives in K-12 schools are gaining huge momentum this school year. And we’re ready!  While only a small percentage of the thousands of schools and universities that subscribe to NoodleTools have 1-to-1 iPad programs currently, that number is growing rapidly.  What better time to introduce an update that lets students and teachers take full advantage of the entire NoodleTools product on their iPads?

NoodleTools proudly announces the beta availability of NoodleTools on iPad!

What is it?

This is not a native iOS app (although that is in development too. Shhhhh!). Rather, this is an HTML5-based redesign of the NoodleTools site that makes it fully iPad-accessible. Ever get the itch to grab hold of one of those notecards and drag it around the Notecard Tabletop with your finger? Now you can! Cite your sources, create an outline, pile your notecards, export your Works Cited to Google Docs, collaborate on a project with your classmate…

Everything you can do in NoodleTools on your computer, you can now do on your iPad too!

How do I get access?

Easy – if your school is subscribed to NoodleTools, you already have access. Simply open a Safari Web browser window on your iPad and navigate to — NoodleTools will automatically detect that you’re using an iPad and display the iPad-accessible version. And soon you’ll be able to launch NoodleTools from an app-like button, to make it even easier to get started.

Why is it beta?

As classes start this Fall, we wanted to allow schools to start experimenting with NoodleTools on the iPad, even though there are still some open issues to address and improvements we’d like to make. For example, exporting a source list as an RTF file is a little problematic on an iPad right now, since Safari opens it but doesn’t handle all of the formatting tags properly. While we implement alternatives, Google Docs is still a good export option. You’ll see a steady stream of improvements and fixes to over the next several weeks.

What’s next?

With the major Summer update out of the way (by the way, we’re delighted by your enthusiasm for our new look and functionality!) , we’re hard at work at additional enhancements and features. For example, we’ve thought of some great ways to make the teacher’s project review process more efficient. Other smaller but equally-innovative changes will be carefully introduced during the school year (don’t worry — we won’t confuse you with mid-year interface changes).  Watch the blog to learn about the enhancements as we roll them out!

Enjoy the update, and Noodle on!

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