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Smart tools.  A streamlined, intuitive interface.  New support and services.

Check out some short tutorials on individual features, or watch a webinar to view all new release elements in a nutshell.

Welcome new features!

One size doesn’t fit all.  Now all your students can grow up using NoodleTools.  Each level has embedded help and tutorials.

  • Starter for your upper-elementary students
  • Junior for your middle-school students
  • Advanced for your high-school and college/university experts

Practical tips for identifying, evaluating and citing sources online and in print.  “Show Me” tutorials coach students through the process of identifying what kind of source type they have, evaluating authority, currency and credibility, and locating the citation elements.  Choose differentiated tutorials that match each student’s or classroom’s proficiency level.

No more “I can’t find my source again.”  NoodleTools now sports permanent archiving and annotation of Web and PDF sources.  Students can capture and annotate sources on-the-fly before creating notecards.

iPad compatible.  For schools migrating to iPads, enjoy mobile accessibility now and touchpad manipulation of notecards later this summer.

Administrator-level customization.  Do you encourage students to use WorldCat import and/or Quick Cite, or do you challenge them to identify citation elements and learn the nuts and bolts of citation creation?  Make these choices based on your own organization’s needs and preferences.

Welcome redesigned interface!

Our dynamic forms are streamlined, clean, and consistent across all styles.

  • Learn quickly with dynamic formatting templates that highlight the citation elements as you work.
  • Rely on as-you-type help pop-ups and automatic checking of style-specific capitalization and abbreviation errors.
  • With one click, switch projects between MLA, APA, and Chicago.
  • Enjoy the flexibility of moving between source types, content types, or publication media without losing entered data.
  • Import source data directly from WorldCat.
  • Already a citation expert?  Use Quick Cite to copy pre-formatted citations.
  • Edit an existing citation to meet an instructor’s special requirements.
  • Cite new source types like tweets and status updates.
  • Take advantage of smart forms that navigate you through tricky elements of legal citation with proper Bluebook formatting.

And in our redesigned notecard layout, find the quotation and paraphrase boxes visible simultaneously, enabling students to check their words and eliminate unintentional plagiarism.

Identifying quality sources, thinking critically, and writing in your own words are made easier, more informative, and rewarding!

Best wishes,
The NoodleTools Team

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