Creating batches of student folders in NoodleBib

Want to save your class some time? A new option in the subscription management area allows account administrators to import a batch of student folders into NoodleBib. Log in and click the “User Management” link to access the new feature. To generate a batch of student folders, follow the simple directions to specify folder information (personal ID; password; phone number) for each folder you wish to generate. A default password and 4-digit phone number that you select will be used if you omit the password or phone number in any of your entries.

As an example, you might select “testme” as the default password and “9999” as the default phone number, and then enter the following into the import field:


This would result in 4 new student folders associated with your subscription:

Personal ID: NoodleTest1 – Password: testme – Phone: 9999
Personal ID: NoodleTest2 – Password: newpass – Phone: 9999
Personal ID: NoodleTest3 – Password: newpass – Phone: 1111
Personal ID: NoodleTest4 – Password: testme – Phone: 2222

If something is wrong (e.g., a personal ID already exists, a password is too short, etc.), the screen will let you know what needs to be changed. After you make the necessary modification(s), just click the “Import Folders” button again. You can create up to 100 folders per batch, and each batch is tagged with the date and a description that you provide, allowing you to view the folders in a particular batch at a later date.

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