Coming July 30th… Notecards!!

This summer’s NoodleBib update (scheduled for Saturday, July 30th) includes a new feature that many of you have been anticipating — notecards! If you are someone who tried Google Notebook when it was released recently and thought “wow, something like this would be useful for taking notes for a research paper” then this is just the thing for you!

In a nutshell:

  1. Link notecards to sources in your bibliography (or create “thought” cards that aren’t associated with a particular entry).
  2. View notecards alongside bibliography entries (in the My Bibliography view), or organize notecards into main ideas (“clusters”) in a separate My Notes view.
  3. Copy and paste anything (images, tables, formatting, etc.) from the Web into your notecards. Separate “Quote,” “Paraphrase,” and “My Ideas” fields to promote good notetaking skills and help prevent plagiarism.
  4. Save notecards as an RTF file to open and manipulate in your word processor.
  5. Apply any number of tags to each notecard (and then later search notecards by tag(s)).
  6. Dynamic user interface similar to Google Notebook (organize notecards into clusters with drag/drop, show/hide details, quick-access links to clusters).
  7. Uses AJAX to save your work in the background (no screen refreshes) as you go.
  8. Notecards feature can be turned off by the account administrator via the subscription management interface, if it won’t be used.

Here are some preview screenshots of the notecards feature (click the thumbnail to open a larger image):

Notecards screen preview Notecards bibliography screen preview

Note: Since this feature uses cutting-edge DHTML and AJAX technologies, only the following browsers will initially be supported (upgrade to these at your school if you plan to use this feature!):

  • Internet Explorer 6+ or 7+
  • Firefox 1.5+ (Mac or PC)
  • Netscape 8.1+

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