Ready to write some notecards?

The new notecards component in NoodleBib is now available to all subscribers!

We hope that you have some time to play with the new feature this summer — please feel free to e-mail us with questions or to report problems so that we can work out any issues before the start of the school year. Note that the notecard feature relies on technologies that are only supported by these browsers:

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer: Versions 6.x and higher (not supported on Mac)
  • Mozilla Firefox: Version 1.5 and higher (PC and Mac)
  • Netscape Browser: Version 8.1 and higher

We’ve updated the NoodleBib user’s guide. We strongly encourage teachers and librarians to read the new chapter on notecards to gain an understanding of how the new feature compliments the existing citation software. Keep in mind that if you don’t want to use the feature at your school or library, you can turn it off through the subscription management area NoodleBib Customization option.

The user’s guide also covers several other features that were added since August last year. For example, if you aren’t aware of the optional citation labels (“tags”) feature introduced back in December, now you can learn all about it. Citation labels are disabled by default, so you need to enable them in the subscription management area if you want to use them at your location.

The static NoodleBib tour is being replaced with a series of Flash tutorials. One is up now and the others will be added in the next few weeks.

The online knowledge base has not yet been updated for this release — I’ll post a note here when that task is complete. Update: The knowledge base has now been updated (8/4/06).

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