Sharing source lists with groups of teachers

We had received several requests that we provide a way for students to share a list with a group of teachers. Previously, a “class name” was tied to a single teacher. A teacher could add a class name, a student could share their list with that class name, and the list would then be shared with that one teacher.

We’ve added an Additional Recipients field to the Add/Remove Class Names screen. The teacher may enter up to 3 additional personal IDs (which must be teacher/librarian folders). When a student shares a list, the list is shared with those other teachers as well. Note that from the student’s point of view, they are sharing the list once, using one class name. However, depending on how the class name is set up now, copies of the list can appear in the Lists Shared With Me section of four different users’ personal folders at that point (and all four can review the list and send individual comments within NoodleBib).

As usual, please let us know if you have any questions!

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