APA 7th edition update on June 7th

As you all know, the APA 7th edition was published part way through the fall semester this past school year, and since our policy is to do our major updates over the summer, we’ve had to wait to release the APA 7 update in NoodleTools.  We’re pleased to announce that we’ll be releasing the APA 7 update in one week, on Sunday night, June 7th.

A few important details about the update:

  • Starting Monday June 8th, if you click on an existing APA-style project to open it, you’ll be prompted to convert it from APA 6 to APA 7.
  • There is an option to export the APA 6 project to Word before converting it, if you wish to keep a copy in APA 6 to work on externally.
  • You can choose to open an APA 6 project without converting it, but you won’t be able to add new citations unless you convert it to APA 7.

APA has posted information in their What’s New guide and they have helpful resources like a Quick Reference and a References guide with many examples. Of particular importance, be sure to read about changes to how and when database information is provided.

Hope you are all staying safe and healthy in these crazy times!

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