We’re in the MLA Style Manual!

The new (3rd) edition of the MLA Style Manual is now available. We’re really happy to see that they’ve simplified the citation of Web-based content (in particular removing the distinction between different “types” of databases that has confused students and teachers alike). We had several discussions with the MLA editorial staff about this, and they listened! In fact, we’re acknowledged by the editor (David G. Nicholls) in the Preface!

The changes introduced in the MLA Style Manual need to be implemented in NoodleBib, of course. There are some changes (like the absence of URLs for most Web citations) that we need to give some thought to and discuss with MLA, given that K-12 teachers are going to still want to see specific URLs for sources used by their students. We’ll need to verify with MLA that the changes in the MLA Style Manual will also end up in the MLA Handbook, since the intended audiences of these two style guides are different. The next edition of the MLA Handbook will not be coming for a while (Spring 2009?), so we also need to figure out the best timing for making these changes in NoodleBib. We’ll keep you posted on these decisions.

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