A few improvements…

As we are every summer, we’re hard at work on some exciting new projects and NoodleBib features for next Fall (look for upcoming announcements on this blog). Meanwhile, we continue to listen to your suggestions for how to improve the existing tools. Although they aren’t always announced, we usually do a minor update to the site about once a month. Here are a few of the more significant improvements that went into the most recent update on 6/1:

  • Spell-checking on the “annotation” fields.
  • Interactive parenthetical reference help (now allows you to fill in page and volume numbers to customize the parenthetical reference example for your citation)
  • Revised MLA forms to handle podcasts, blogs, audioblogs, videoblogs, and online video clips (based on input from the MLA editorial staff).
  • Added ability to cite a personal photograph (MLA).
  • Revised APA “Web site” citation form to handle various types of “gray literature” (Powerpoint slides, white paper, fact sheet, press release, etc.) as described in the APA Style Guide to Electronic References.
  • For teacher/librarian folders, “Lists Shared With Me” now displays a “status” indicator showing if a source list has been viewed/commented yet. In addition, a 30-day history of the source list can be viewed (there is a link to the log when you mouse-over the status). Finally, the number of lists shared with each class name is now displayed beside the class name.

We hope you find these changes useful!

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