New feature week, day 3: Archiving a Portfolio

Some of our users have been using NoodleBib for 7 or 8 years. A student who created a personal folder in 5th grade is now entering senior year of high school. A college student student may be entering a graduate program. Many schools have been subscribers for 8 years, and teachers have accumulated hundreds of projects that students shared with them that are now displayed in the Lists Shared With Me folder.

Most users want to keep their old projects for future reference or as part of an academic portfolio. But as projects pile up, it makes it more difficult to find current work and can even begin to slow down the screen’s loading time. To solve this, we’re introducing archiving of both projects and shared class names (to be called “assignment drop boxes” in the new version).

Projects can be archived via the “Archive” button. Archived projects are displayed in an “Archived Projects” area (hidden by default, but expandable as shown in the screenshot):

Project Archiving

Similarly, instructors and librarians can archive assignment drop boxes. Archived drop boxes no longer show up in the teacher’s “Lists Shared With Me” area and students can no longer share work with them, but a teacher can always unarchive a drop box to review student work from past classes, to find exemplars to show current students, or to add to their own portfolio.

Dropbox Archive

We hope you’ll like the new archiving features!

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