New feature week, day 2: Google Docs Integration

Yesterday we described the student’s Dashboard, today we’re going to show you the new Paper feature. Both can be accessed from the NoodleBib navigation bar.


Currently a student can export their notes and a bibliography to a word processor. However, to function efficiently as a platform for research, NoodleBib needed a robust online composing space that a instructor (and collaborating students) could access. Many schools and colleges have told us that they are moving toward cloud computing with Google Docs being the online word processing tool of choice, so we felt confident that integration of Google Docs with NoodleBib would be embraced by our users.

We weren’t satisfied with a simple “Export to Google Docs” button. We’ve done a deeper integration. When a student with a Google account clicks the Paper button, a new document is created in the student’s Google Docs account, one that is automatically tied to the student’s project in NoodleBib. Tighter integration means that the student can return directly to a paper by clicking on the Paper button in the NoodleBib navigation bar or the Paper icon in the “Components” section of the Dashboard.


Even better, when a student shares a NoodleBib project with a teacher, the paper is shared too. The teacher has full access to the document and can use Google’s great new annotation tools to give feedback directly on the student’s working paper:


We’re pleased with our early testing but, as always, we encourage you to share your ideas and comments with us!

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