What's new?

Many of you have had an opportunity to try out the new site, and we’ve gotten a lot of great positive feedback. Really the only complaint so far is that users are sometimes having trouble finding the buttons (e.g., edit/copy/delete citation) since they are just icons with no words. We’ll make sure to get that fixed before the school year starts — thanks!

As you probably noticed, most of the functionality remains the same — the improvements have more to do with usability and design than with adding features. However, there are a few feature changes we’d like to point out:

1. You can omit annotations from your final document. When you click “Print” or “Save as Word Doc” on the Bibliography screen, you now have the option to hide the annotations from the exported document.

2. The complex (and often misused) citation “labels” have gone away. Instead, you now just have the option to label citations as primary, secondary, and tertiary sources, if needed. Which leads us to #3…

3. You can sort your list in alternative ways. A “sort” dropdown at the top-right of the screen allows you to sort your list in other ways. By default, the sort order is still alphabetic. However, you also now have the option to sort/group your list by primary/secondary/tertiary sources, by currency (most recent first), or by media type.

4. The account administrator can enter a default library name and location in the subscription management “NoodleBib Customization” area, so that when a student is citing a library subscription database in NoodleBib, the library name/location is auto-filled for them.

There are many other minor tweaks that you’ll discover as you use NoodleBib more — but if you were using the software last year, you should have no trouble with the transition at all. We’re still in the process of updating the user’s guide and knowledge base to sync up with the latest version, but those should be available in about a week.

By the way, many of you have noticed the new logo… if you need one for your school library Web page, they are available in different formats and sizes here.

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