While we’ve done a great job keeping the NoodleTools servers humming along even as Web traffic has increased exponentially over the past several years, sometimes something unexpected comes along that requires us to take the site offline. While infrequent, we know that this type of unexpected downtime can be frustrating (even on a Friday night, there is someone who needs access right now!).

When school sites are having trouble connecting to our Web site, they have difficulty determining whether the problem is on their side or ours. Even when planned maintenance was announced on the NoodleTools blog (make sure you’re subscribed, if you aren’t already!), users aren’t always aware of it (or just want to know when the site will be back online).

To solve this, we now have a separate Web site,, which indicates the current server status. is hosted on a different server than, so it will be accessible even when is not. If there is planned or unplanned downtime, the site will provide information and status details.

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