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Subscriber Nina Levine recognized as a top innovator in education

Congratulations to NoodleTools subscriber Nina Levine, Library Media Specialist at Hendrick Hudson High School in New York. Nina has been recognized by The Center for Digital Education as one of the nation’s 50 Top Innovators in Education. Read about Nina and learn about her accomplishments in the 2012 Yearbook: Technology Innovation in Education (page 22).

We asked Nina how NoodleTools supports her vision of a 21st-century learning space:

“The children in our classrooms arrive at the earliest of ages knowing how to download music, text their friends, upload photos to their friends on Facebook, play multi-user and role-playing games. Less certain is their deftness in choosing and using technology purposefully or effectively for academic success. The adage of choosing the right tool for a job applies in school as well as for a carpenter. As a school librarian, I am trained and focused on process: reading and writing across the curriculum, searching for and evaluating information to support their studies, learning how to manage time and resources for projects, creating products to share information gleaned and synthesized. For 21st-century learners, gaining comfort and confidence in these skills is essential to success in school, in college at work… in life.”

“NoodleTools is a core component of my toolkit in working with students. Its design considers students’ natural and organic searching behaviors within a framework that guides them in developing the best of habits of mind and study. NoodleTools sets the focus firmly on students learning how to engage with ideas and information critically as a step towards expressing their own ideas authoritatively.”

Congratulations, Nina!

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