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Promoting NoodleTools to students

We hear from librarians and teachers how they are promoting NoodleTools to their students. Patricia McClune, a library coordinator at the Conestoga Valley School District, tells us about her approach.

Last school year we began using a Web-based product called LibGuides to create online pathfinders for a variety of school assignments. Each LibGuide is a one-stop shop for students. Our library guides are straightforward and nothing fancy. They follow the concept of “less is more” and assemble links to the most appropriate eBooks, databases, Websites and productivity tools for each assignment. Links on the LibGuides provide seamless access to those resources. We promote the use of NoodleTools by including a direct link to our school NoodleTools login page on each of the research assignment LibGuides. It was easy to create a custom widget by hyperlinking the URL for our NoodleTools login page to an image of the NoodleTools logo. Once that “widget” is created it can be reused on other LibGuides. Including a visual NoodleTools reminder encourages students to make use of the citation tool we prefer them to use.

Conestoga Valley High School freshmen. Photo credit: Patricia McClune

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