Notecards changes on the way…

Three years ago we integrated online notecards into the NoodleBib citation software. Since we didn’t know how (or if) teachers and students would use it, we designed it to be as simple and flexible as possible. Since then, the notecards feature has been “discovered” and today is being used in thousands of schools with great success. Virtually all schools that originally subscribed only to the citation software are now also using the notecards.

Over the last two years, we’ve visited classrooms to observe and interact with students using NoodleBib’s notecards for research projects. Our observations and the feedback that we’ve received from these early adopters (and from many other users) has been invaluable. They are the backbone for the changes to the notecards feature that we’ll release this summer.

Over the next few months you will be getting more detailed information, but we couldn’t resist giving you a sneak peek now. Click the thumbnail below to see our first published screenshot of the new online notecard interface (if you are using IE, you’ll probably want to disable automatic image resizing, to view the screenshot without distortion).

Note: A stand-alone version of the notecards tool is pictured here. The version integrated into NoodleBib will look similar.

The new software models how a student might pile up and play with the organization of real notecards on a physical table top. A student can:

  • Stack notecards by dragging one on top of another;
  • Mouse-over notecards or stacks to view a quick summary of their contents;
  • Label notecards not only with text-based tags, but also with visual symbols and colors for various tasks and reminders (e.g., “Important,” “Need help,” etc.);
  • Navigate around a virtual “tabletop” that is larger than the monitor’s screen size using a map (see bird’s eye view in the bottom-left hand corner of the screenshot in which each dot represents a notecard);
  • Search notecards by any keyword, tag, or source, then manipulate the search results efficiently (e.g., search for all of the notecards tagged “habitat” and stack them with one click);
  • View and edit within the popular current interface of NoodleBib notecards (old notecards will migrate automatically to the new interface);
  • Create an outline, then slide notecards onto topics or subtopics in the outline (the software keeps track of what has been already used);
  • Print and save the final outline filled with content as a single word-processed document.
  • Read teachers comments and questions directly on the notecards just as easily as they see comments on citations now.

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