Archiving feature moved in-house, SSL (HTTPS) option available soon

Archive and Annotate functionality moved in-house

Schools have benefited from our archiving feature that allows students to archive and annotate web pages and PDFs. We’ve now brought this technology in-house, allowing us to customize it to our specific needs over the coming years.

While your existing bookmarklet will redirect to a new URL and continue to work for now, please update it as time permits. The instructions to update are posted at:


HTTPS / SSL security changes

NoodleTools will soon offer schools the option to operate under SSL (the secure HTTPS protocol).¬†Updated instructions for EZproxy configuration will be at¬† Note that if you are interested in running NoodleTools under HTTPS through EZproxy, then EZproxy itself also needs to run under HTTPS. If that isn’t possible for some reason, you can continue running under the HTTP NoodleTools/EZproxy configuration.


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