NoodleTools is not “free,” and here’s why

The word “free” is such a tempting one. NoodleTools is not free – but it gives you freedom for a very reasonable price.

You and your students will never have to worry about:

  • Corporate motives that are at odds with educational best-practices
  • Relentless advertising banners and pop-ups
  • Being tracked and monetized as you search and click
  • Being sold as a commodity to brokers and marketers
  • Being hit with offers for add-ons and pricy products you don’t want
  • Surprise jumps in pricing or terms of service

Freedom to:

  • Focus on teaching in a respected professional environment
  • Develop modules and lessons knowing that they’re your intellectual property
  • Depend on rigorous protection of your students’ privacy
  • Deal transparently with educators who passionately believe that their company can make a fair profit and maintain high-quality education goals
  • Expect fair and reasonable pricing

Here at NoodleTools, we pledge the following:

  1. We serve education as our first priority.
  2. Our platform will be reliable, accurate, and well supported.
  3. Our prices will always remain reasonable.
  4. Your students will reach true educators through our “have a question” service.
  5. We will never expose you and your students to any advertising. Period.
  6. We will never claim to own, re-sell or re-use your students’ work.
  7. We will never allow your student to be tracked or traced for any reason other than to improve the user’s experience within our product.
  8. We will never expose your student to any paper-mill or answer-mill products or tutoring services that encourage cheating or non-original work.


Damon Abilock
President, NoodleTools

NoodleTools is a responsive, user-friendly research management platform.

We have a proven track record across thousands of schools and universities.

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