NoodleTools guides for junior college students and teachers

One of many librarians and teachers who use web technology to support their literacy instruction, Iris Carroll, a reference librarian at Modesto Junior College, in Modesto, California, has created extensive guides about NoodleTools for both students, “NoodleBib Basics for Researchers,” and faculty, “NoodleBib for Faculty.” We asked her about the development of the guides.

“We started using LibGuides in spring 2009. We needed a way to provide information competency instruction for students on campus and off campus, and using LibGuides provides a flexible, powerful tool for us to do that.

“We’re extremely short staffed here, so we don’t have the luxury of holding formal “training” sessions for ourselves. Therefore, this guide serves as our training manual for staff who have never worked with NoodleBib. Also, when I first started working with NoodleBib in conjunction with a Sociology instructor here, we found the printed help manual very confusing because it intersperses the faculty and student instructions. This guide makes finding instructions pertinent to students very easy. I also made another guide for faculty.

“I thought it was really important to include written directions in addition to the videos. I looked at several good video instructional materials (YouTube videos) but would get lost because they went a bit too fast and had no written instructions. I started using iSpring Pro instead of screen capture software because it allows me to easily enhance a PowerPoint presentation with audio so that students can see screen shots, hear my instruction and follow along reading it themselves. Other than that, just take a deep breath and work through every step along the way. I created student and teacher accounts for myself so that I could play around in either role.”

Check out how Ms. Carroll organizes the basic information her students need to get started with their research projects using NoodleTools. If you have questions for Ms. Carroll, she can be reached at .


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