New feature week, day 5: Notecards and user ideas

Many of you write to us with your ideas for how to improve NoodleBib, and we listen! You’ll notice a few of them on the Notecards screen:


The changes are small but important:

1. Recycle bin. Accidentally deleted a notecard or (gasp) a pile of notecards? No problem, just click the Undelete button (next to the Delete button), select the notecards to restore from the list, and they’ll reappear at their last location on the Tabletop!

2. Longer notecard titles. In the previous version, it was often hard to distinguish two different notecards with similar titles, since we only displayed 9 characters of the title. In the new version, we display two lines and about 24 characters (can vary), which makes a night and day difference.

3. Move new notecards to the tabletop quickly. Students often create their notecards from the Bibliography screen, which is fine. But when they come to the Notecards screen, those new notecards all appear in the New Notecards region at the top-left, and the student must move them onto the Tabletop in order to begin working with them (making piles, moving them into the outline, etc.). A convenient new “Move 10” button below the New Notecards region makes this a speedy process!

4. Selection count. Not all of your notecards may be visible on the Tabletop at once, since you only see a portion of the Tabletop at one time. So when you want to use one of the buttons at the top of the screen that act on selected notecards (Add to Pile, Link to Source, Tags, Delete, or Print) or you do a search and notecards matching your search criteria are selected, it isn’t always clear how many of your notecards are actually selected (they might be outside the viewable area). The new notecard count at the top-right of the tabletop eliminates any confusion, and a “Clear selection” link right below that allows you to quickly unselect all notecards (whether or not they are in view).

5. And last but not least, the “Print” option on the notecards screen now allows you to select exactly what fields you want to export/print from your notecards.

Print Options

In our own experience, we’ve found that when we’re ready to move from note-taking to outline and first draft, printing the notecards without including the “Quotation” field can be a great way to avoid the temptation to plagiarize!

The update went smoothly last night. Tomorrow we’ll be telling you a bit about the next update coming in just a few weeks. Hint… Student Collaboration!

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