Looking at your bibliography in new ways: Analysis and statistics

Many of you have already noticed the new Analysis/Stats link in the Options menu when you are viewing your bibliography in NoodleBib. Clicking the link brings up a new screen with a series of bar graphs that categorize your entries in different ways (by medium, citation type, and by date). You may be surprised by what these graphs imply about the composition of your list.

The page is currently divided into four sections:

  1. Basic Statistics (“Have I gathered enough information and met the requirements?”)
  2. Medium (“Is this the right balance of print and online sources for my research?”)
  3. Citation Type (“Did I make full use of the resources available to me?”)
  4. Currency (“Is currency important because I am reporting on a time-sensitive issue or evolving topic?”)

This is something that we’ll be expanding on over the next month or two. We invite your feedback on the feature.

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