Award-Winning Teachers Support Quality Research with NoodleTools

Sara Oremland, nationally acclaimed teaching librarian, uses NoodleTools to mentor students collaboratively with classroom teachers across various disciplines. Oremland’s role of providing formative feedback through the NoodleTools platform is essential to inspiring quality research and writing:

“As students located information sources, they cited them in the NoodleTools Works Cited module. I provided feedback on the quality of the sources as well as the format of the citations. Monitoring students’ citations during the research process is a critical means for ensuring that students are using credible and relevant sources. Students also used NoodleTools’ digital notecard feature to record, paraphrase, and analyze information they found as they researched. Berletti [history teacher] monitored the notecards for relevancy and for student understanding of how the information related to the essential question. This technology is invaluable for keeping students accountable and on track with their research” (Oremland, 2013, pg. 65-65). 

Oremland reesearch process. Credit: Leann Skallenud
Photo credit: ©Sara Oremland, 2013. Art credit: ©Senior Leann Skallerud, 2013. Oremland and colleagues in Environmental Design, Society, English and Technology (EDSET) teach students throughout the research process.

Oremland and her classroom teacher colleagues’ research projects at Albany High School (CA) received the AASL Collaborative School Library Award. She observed, “Our experience working together on EDSET projects has influenced how we use technology and how we collaborate on other projects….[by providing] our teaching team with an opportunity to grow as professionals as we experimented with collaboration and technology” (Oremland, 2013, p. 68).

At CSLA 2014, Ormeland will present on “Collaboration and Technology for Authentic Research Projects: From Essential Question to Presentation.”
Oremland, S. (2013). Collaboration and technology for authentic research projects. Knowledge Quest, 41(4), 60-68.

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