APA 6th edition update schedule

We’ll be addressing the changes in the new edition of the APA Publication Manual in two stages. We’ll aim to have part one of the update complete by Monday, September 7th. Part one will be to make changes to the citation types that are already available in NoodleBib, to bring them in line with new APA formatting requirements. This will include:

  • Changes to online retrieval information: Updates to when the citation should include a DOI, the URL of a periodical/publisher’s Web site, the home page URL of an archival database, a database’s name, or an exact URL to difficult-to-locate online sources.
  • Change in how authors/contributors are listed (up to 7 names, or using an ellipsis when there are 8 or more).
  • Change in instructions for when to include a journal’s issue number.
  • Removal of publication details for an online book.
  • Formatting changes for dissertations/theses.
  • Formatting changes for newsgroups, mailing lists, etc.

This first update will insure that any citations created in NoodleBib will conform to the 6th edition APA guidelines. Part two of the update will be started after part one is complete, and will focus on new citation types that are not yet included in NoodleBib. This includes:

  • Audio podcasts
  • Video webcasts
  • Advance online publication of a periodical article
  • Online-only supplemental material in a periodical
  • Unpublished, informally published or self-archived works
  • Archival documents and collections

A schedule for part two of the update will be posted soon after the part one update is completed.

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