Summer reminders for school administrators

A few reminders to administrators of school/district subscriptions:

1. Folder revalidation. The first time a student logs in after August 1st, she is required to revalidate her personal folder. If your school/district has some form of automatic authentication enabled (Proxy server, IP authentication, referring URL authentication), this revalidation process may be transparent to the student. For example, if you have IP authentication enabled and the student is on campus the first time she logs in after 8/1, her folder will be revalidated automatically. However, if automatic authentication is not used, the student will see a screen after she enters her Personal ID and password that says that she must revalidate her personal folder.


The screen allows the student to skip the revalidation for up to 3 weeks. During that three-week period, the student can click the “Skip Revalidation For Now” button and proceed into her folder. After that date, this screen will no longer allow the student to skip the revalidation — she will need to enter the school’s current username/password in order to continue. Nothing is lost or deleted — the student is simply not permitted to log in until the revalidation occurs. Note that if automatic authentication occurs at any time during or after this period, the revalidation process will be complete and this screen will no longer be displayed to the student.

The purpose of “revalidation” is to prevent (or discourage) students who have graduated from a school to log back in to their old folders. Only current students should be using a school’s or district’s subscription. This brings us to our next reminder:

2. Change school/district passwords. In order for the revalidation process to work well, administrators of school/district subscription should change subscription passwords at least once every two years. And July tends to be the best time to do that. If you do it in the middle of the school year, students will once again be prompted to revalidate their folders, which leads to confusion. To change the password, log in to the subscription management area (e-mail us if you don’t know how), click “Subscription Management” and then “Change Subscription Password(s).”

3. Time zones and other NoodleBib customizations. With the addition of time zones in the latest release, account administrators should log in the to the subscription management area and set the time zone if necessary. For schools in the United States, the time zone should already be set, but you should still check that we did that correctly, in particular for schools that are located in states covered by more than one time zone. All international schools should definitely log in and set the time zone appropriately. After logging in to the subscription management area, click the “NoodleBib Customization” link and select the time zone there. While you are on the NoodleBib Customization screen, go through and check the other settings as well.

Please let us know if you have any questions.

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