Happy Halloween!

The librarians at Jericho Middle School sent in this picture of their Halloween costumes, and we just had to share! Happy Halloween, stay safe, and keep Noodling!  

User management enhancements

The “user management” section of the subscription management area (accessible to the NoodleTools account administrator) has been improved. In addition to being able to search for version 6 personal folders by various criteria, you can…

Welcome To Noodling

Welcome to Noodling, the NoodleTools Weblog. To start, this Weblog will be replacing our old electronic mailing list and our “What’s New?” page. You can subscribe to Noodling either via RSS/ATOM (see links under Subscribe…

NoodleBib 6 Preview

Coming for the 2005-06 school year… The last week in July 2005 will be bringing some exciting changes. Here’s a preview: Server upgrade: We’re adding new, faster servers. A fall-back system will ensure that the…

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