Just back from giving a general session keynote and two other presentations at the New Jersey Association of School Librarians Fall 2005 Conference, Debbie Abilock is now attending the Connecticut Educational Media Association Conference. She’ll be giving the keynote address on Monday, Nov. 7 @ 9:00 am (Doorstops, Elephants and Cheesecake). Then at 1:45 pm, she’ll be presenting Online Reading Strategies in an Information Rich Environment. Stop by and say hello if you’re attending!

Doorstops, Elephants and Cheesecake
If you find yourself facing elephants more often than creating cheesecake, it’s time to look into the collaboration refrigerator and identify what to throw out, what to snack on and what to take time to prepare well. A practical workshop on developing a strategic school wide plan for collaboration.

Online Reading Strategies in an Information Rich Environment
Our students and staff use the Internet daily to answer personal questions, solve practical problems, do their school work and accomplish goals. New technologies demand new literacy strategies from our students. Learn to teach the strategies that good readers use along with critical information literacy skills in order to help students construct meaning and analyze information in an online environment.

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