Using G Suite SSO? Here’s the workaround for Google bug causing a “502 error” this week.

Latest update (3/15/2019 2:00 PM): Google has informed us that the issue below has been resolved, so your NoodleTools app button should be working as expected now.

The Google issue explained

Starting earlier this week (first reports came in to us on Tuesday, March 12th), some schools that use G Suite for authentication into NoodleTools have been running into a “502 error” when they click on the NoodleTools app button in their Google app launcher menu. The error is coming from (i.e., from Google, not NoodleTools), and after speaking with a number of schools, we also learned that this is not NoodleTools-specific — schools clicking on other 3rd-party apps in their Google app launcher menu resulted in the same 502 error.

On Wednesday morning, we contacted Google directly to make sure they were aware of this issue. Thanks to the schools that provided us with the error log files that Google was requesting in order to help them troubleshoot. With the information from us, Google has now escalated this to their engineering team and they are actively working on a fix.

The workaround

Google has not informed us how long it will take them to get the fix in for this, so meanwhile, the workaround is to use one of the other two available G Suite login options:

  1. Go to the NoodleTools login screen at and enter you Google email address on the right side, then click the “Sign In with Google” button.
  2. Click on the direct URL we provided to you when we enabled G Suite SSO for your school. That URL looks exactly like the URL in #1 with the addition of “?” — so for example, if your student email addresses looked like “” then the URL to post on school web pages would be

Hopefully Google will have the fix in soon for the app launcher button!

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