ALA talks

Debbie spoke in two AASL/ISS sponsored sessions at the ALA Annual Conference last week, one on visual information literacy and another about ethics in a Web 2.0 environment. Thanks for attending, and to those of you who came by to say hi!

Visual Literacy Ain’t Just Watching Ads: Decoders, fluent readers and finally expressive readers and writers — these stages apply to visual literacy as well as to reading print. In an image-drenched world, we’ll look at the rhetorical situation of an image, examine some signs and symbols, and see how point of view is created by interaction of the reader, audience, and medium. We’ll consider some emerging issues and teaching strategies for various types of images.

Ethics in the Age of Web 2.0: The ALA Code of Ethics for Librarians has served school and youth services librarians for almost 70 years. How has it supported the intellectual freedom of school and public library youthful users? Does it continue to offer us the guidance we need to face the new challenges and new roles we face in a socially networked, repaidly changing digital world? What needs updating? What’s missing? What has aged well? A panel of experts, library educators, and practitioners will discuss ethical issues associated with social technologies, privacy, intellectual property, cesorship, access to information, leveling and labeling a collection, and selection.

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