A School-wide Lens on Evaluation: Who Knows What?

Debbie will be presenting a workshop on October 5, 2011 at the Florida Association for Media in Education (FAME) in Orlando, Florida.

A School-wide Lens on Evaluation: Who Knows What?

Young people need evaluation skills in a participatory digital world. Yet, they ditch our checklists and forget our mini-lessons in the dizzying stew of click-and-go wikified information. Well-publicized examples of doctored data and journalistic fabrications remind us that “truth” is complicated. Who is an authority when everyone is an author? How do culture and context impact evaluation? Can technology show us who to trust? We will apply new research to the age-old problems of evaluating information and will devise strategies for students (and teachers) in school and for “real.”

Please see http://www.floridamedia.org/?page=Conf_Workshops.

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