Reviews & Testimonials


School Library Monthly, February 2015, p. 14 ("Plagiarism Can Be a Learning Experience," by Amy Jo Southworth)
Products that facilitate the teaching of "process" such as NoodleTools can be beneficial. This product helps scaffold stages of research including information gathering, source evaluation, prioritizing evidence, note taking, outlining, and reflection. It is an instructional product.

Library Media Connection, March/April 2013, p. 97 (M. Miller)
This website is now a total program for citing, organizing, and presenting research. Students can set up a works cited list, write and organize notecards and an outline, and jump from NoodleTools into Google docs so their work can be shared. Moving back and forth from one task to another is smooth and it is easy to link notecards to sources. Helpful tips and extra information allow students to become ethical researchers. The Starter level, designed for elementary age students, has the most support; it progressively lessens with Junior for middle school and Advanced for high school. To allow students to submit work, a teacher sets up an assignment drop box. Technical support is top-notch. The resource works well with an iPad. I have used it in my school for years, watched it grow and develop, and watched our students do the same. Definitely consider this tool for your school.[Editor's note: iPad accessibility with touch-and- drag notecard manipulation is now available.] HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

Internet @ Schools, May 1, 2013. ("THE NEW MEDIA CENTER: Noodling Around in the New NoodleTools," by Mary Alice Anderson)
Citing sources is not easy for teachers to teach or for students to learn. The NoodleTools approach that makes citation part of a complete package for research and writing makes sense. NoodleTools is a 21st-century literacy and differentiated research package that is intuitive and modular. Start Noodling!

Knowledge Quest, March/April 2013, pg. 60. ("Collaboration and Technology for Authentic Research Projects," by Sara Oremland)
With the juniors we used NoodleTools as our major monitoring tool. Students created individual projects and shared them to a dropbox accessible to Berletti, McNally, and me. In the Dashboard, students wrote their approved essential questions and all the tasks and deadlines for the project...As students located information sources, they cited them in the NoodleTools Works Cited module. I provided feedback on the quality of the sources as well as the format of the citations. Monitoring students' citations during the research process is a critical means for ensuring that students are using credible and relevant sources. Students also used NoodleTools' digital notecard feature to record, paraphrase, and analyze information they found as they researched. Berletti monitored the notecards for relevancy and for student understanding of how the information related to the essential question. This technology is invaluable for keeping students accountable and on track with their research.

Tips and Trends of the Instructional Technologies Committee of the Association of College and Research Libraries ("Citation Managers - Fall 2012," by A. Izenstark)
The three most commonly taught citation managers...were NoodleTools, Zotero, and RefWorks, in that order.

Teacher Librarian, December 2012, p. 32 ("Tips and Tactics: Apps Meet the Common Core State Standards in Writing," by S. Cohen)
NoodleTools is an invaluable tool for integrating information while avoiding plagiarism. Because of the collaborative nature of this application, student researchers are transparent. Teachers and library media specialists can see note cards, bibliographies, and outlines and monitor all stages of the research process. This tool provides opportunties at many steps along the way for the teacher and teacher librarian to use formative assessment for both resources and understanding of the research topic. This tool allows all parties to watch and document the process as well as the product.

School Library Monthly, September/October 2011, p. 21 ("Inquiry and Assessment Using Web 2.0 Tools," by R. Buerkett)
Although a free version of NoodleTools exists and is accessible to anyone, the subscription version used for this project is significantly more robust. Both [the free and subscription versions] teach students to create citations in MLA, APA, or Chicago citation style. However, NoodleTools is much more than a citation generator. NoodleTools includes great help menus, articles, and search tools. An online notecard tool assists students with paraphrasing, and both the bibliography and notecards can be shared with the classroom teacher and school librarian. The bibliography and outline can be printed directly from NoodleTools, and the students can create their own "to-do" list for the project to help with organization. Most importantly, NoodleTools can be accessed from any computer so students can use it at home, in school during study halls, or during library class time.

Public Services Quarterly, Winter 2010, p.363. (H. Hebert)
In Short: NoodleBib is recommended as an accurate and up-to-date bibliography composer that is suitable for students, librarians, and faculty. The variety of free and affordable subscription options make NoodleBib an excellent choice. Highly Recommended.

Searcher Magazine, July/Aug. 2007 ("Citations and Aberrations," by N. Tomaiuolo)
NoodleTools stands out because instead of simply presenting an ambiguous form that a user may not correctly complete, it attempts to teach at almost every step. In NoodleBib Express, if a user chooses to cite a journal article, the software will provide a definition of a journal. This not only checks the user's choice, but reminds the user of the essence of the publication type selected. NoodleBib Express continues to engage the user by asking if the journal was online or in print, from a Web site, or a database and will even coach the students on those "picky details" such as capitalization. The user not only gets an accurate citation, but has quite possibly learned something about sources and documentation.

CHOICE Magazine, June 2006
"Highly recommended." Read the article

Journal of Academic Librarianship, v.31 n.4, July 2005 (J. Kessler & M. K. Van Ullen)
NoodleBib's error rate was less than that of the widely used and supported EndNote....[NoodleBib does] a better job than EndNote with citations for some types of sources that undergraduates frequently use, such as full-text articles from an online database.

PC Magazine, Spring 2005
NoodleTools voted one of PC Magazine's "Top 100 Sites." Read the article

College/University Librarians

I just wanted to let you know how happy we are with NoodleTools. Our students love it! The librarians love it! When I talked with the other community college librarians about renewing our subscription, they all swore they couldn't live without NoodleTools and urged me enthusiastically to renew - it's now considered an essential library service. Thanks for providing a great product at a great cost.

– A. Tatnall, Director of Library and Learning Resources, York County Community College

I have never found a friendlier, more helpful, more responsive, more ethical website than yours. I'm so happy I could be a part of bringing it to my university.

– C. Miller, Department Coordinator, Davenport University

We greatly appreciate your willingness to work with us and have found NoodleTools to be a vital tool in our bibliographic instruction.

– D. Algiene-Henry, Library Administrator, University of Colorado

I overheard a young man whining to another student about a research assignment. The second student said, "Oh get over it, just use NoodleTools."

– E. Gardner, Librarian, Southeastern Community College

K-12 Teacher Librarians

We love Noodletools and what it does to prepare students for college. It is a real resource for Common Core Standards. It helps students attain college ready skills.

– A. Weber, High School Librarian

Thanks again for all of your support. We have really begun building a solid research program here at Langley and Noodle Tools is the keystone. The teachers LOVE it and most students do as well. It has helped us get into classes to collaborate and is enabling us to do some really high level research work.

– K Oritz. High School Librarian

I've been teaching research using Noodletools since 1998 and LOVE it! Each year you make changes that make it better and better. The new tabs on top of a works cited entry that let a student easily move from incorrect type of citation to correct type without losing data is priceless. I recommend you whenever I can. Thanks for being so awesome!

– A. Wampler, 9th Grade Teacher

Yes, folks, NoodleTools has gotten an update, and it's worth taking for a spin. Not only do they have visual notecards that can be graphically rearranged, sifted, and sorted, but there are some new treats -- such as the new Starter level that works for kids as young as grade 3. Plus color-coding that kids can customize according to the way they think and Google Docs integration. This is an online tool created by folks who have deep, long-term investments in how kids learn and how we can scaffold without stifling.

– K. Fontichiaro, Elementary School Librarian (now LIS Professor, University of Michigan)

Your answer has helped me with my professional presentation and it has also helped me more fully understand the various options that are available to students so that I can better help them. I really appreciate your thorough answer and the speed with which you answered my questions.

– S. Hermann, Primary School Librarian, International School

Thank you so much. I always count on you and Damon for unusual bibliography questions. And I always tell others that that service is one of the most valuable parts of our subscription to Noodletools.

– K. Brown, High School Librarian

Although I have been subscribing to NoodleTools for the schools in which I am a librarian for years and years and have always received great feedback, the teachers who use the notecard option are so excited about it. Last week, an English teachers in one of the schools gave a demonstration to the English Department staff using the notecard utility.

Today, based on that demo, the enthusiasm level for NoodleTools has achieved new heights. The notecard option not only allows for cutting and pasting (the nemesis of writing a research paper using a computer) but, if used properly, through the various components, forces students to think about the quote they have selected and what else they need to support their thesis.

Anyone who has used NoodleTools, students and teachers alike, are ardent supporters due to the simplicity and accuracy of the options. Thank you for your attention to making the research paper citations precise and for providing a resource to develop notecards and outlines.

– G.Gnesin, Library Media Specialist

...after several years, our students now see NoodleTools as a "way of life!"

– C. Nudi, High School Library Media Specialist

NoodleTools is the most reasonable and most useful library subscription that contributes to student success. It is a powerful teaching tool for recording, organizing, and citing research. The design is so user friendly!

– A. Mikos, Middle School Library Media Specialist

Thank you for your quick response. The customer service I receive from NoodleTools is the absolute best. I love that I can learn something new every time I use it. I always tell my students to use the help features in NoodleTools if they have a question. Yesterday, an AP English teacher told her students that now that they had NoodleTools to guide them, she was going to take an early vacation. We love the product.

– Y. Mullins, Department Chair Library Media

I love it.... Countless students said thanks after I showed them how to use it. How often are you thanked for instructions by high school students?

– D. Mankowski, High School LMC Director

I want you to know I'm a big fan of NoodleTools. We just did a workshop presentation to our Middle School faculty, demonstrating all the amazing things you can do with Noodle Bib and especially the new Notecard feature. We were a huge hit. More than one faculty member told us afterward that this was the best workshop they'd ever experienced in their teaching careers. All thanks to your brilliantly intuitive and outrageously useful program!

– J. Kemp, K-12 Head Librarian

I have used it with 5th-8th graders and I find that students are actually willing to consult more than the minimum number of sources because they know they will have help creating the proper citations. This encourages curiosity and intellectual engagement. Our English, History and Science teachers love NoodleTools and they are using it for their own research.

– C. Vidor, Middle School Library Media Specialist

Every living soul I've introduced to NoodleTools claims to have found Heaven on Earth -- from third graders in my elementary school through my doctorate-holding, college-professor husband.

– E. Heath, Elementary School Librarian

Thank you for having such a great response to people who write to give feedback to your website. Quick, and great to know the feedback means something to you.

– M. Vernon, Toronto District School Board

Just wanted to thank you for all your help over the years, your quick responses (impressed the entire English department when you answered the question about the pretrial Milosevic brief), and the pertinent enhancements you make to the site. "Choose the Best Search Engine" still ranks for me as one of the finest tools ever developed in the field of education.

– J. Wojnaroski, High School Library Media Specialist

Once again your customer support is excellent - I am very happy I chose you for my library and my students are ecstatic!

– M. Bone, K-12 Librarian

There has been an overwhelmingly positive response to NoodleTools here at Collegiate. We have fallen in love with the product!

– A. Chamberlain, K-12 Head Librarian

I find that using technology to create citations gets the kids' interest up. I just loved it when 7th graders gasped "Awesome!" when they saw their first NoodleTools citation "pop up" two days ago!

– S. Johns, K-12 Library Media Specialist

Teaching students citation syles used to take hours and hours of valuable class time and reduce teachers who were grading the papers to look for punctuation errors in the citation. Now students have a meaningful task when they have to look carefully at the source and the rote meaningless part is done for them. It is absolutely incredible how your program totally swept our school and that we don't have a single teacher who would dream of having the students compose a citation without noodles. You have all my respect.

– S. Peckham, K-12 Head Librarian

I have to tell you how much our students at Harpeth Hall love Noodletools. It has made citation so much easier for them.... Thank you so much for making this program possible!

– D. Clark, Middle/Upper School Instructional Librarian

NoodleTools was a HUGE hit with the faculty and students this year!! Really made my life a lot easier as well.

– D. D'Elia, High School Educational Media Specialist

"Noodle" has become a new verb at our school. The eighth-grade students have been using NoodleTools to generate their works-cited lists. One of our Integrated Language Arts teachers has coined a new verb. She asks the students if they have "noodled" an article before students are given permission to print it.

– L. Averill, Middle/High School Librarian

Service is the key to success! I am going to retire this year and I would just like to say how much I appreciated your prompt, friendly, professional and understandable assistance throughout the period of our subscription. You have certainly gained a fan....

– J. Harrop, K-12 International School Librarian (Malaysia)

We tried it with a seventh grade language arts class. They liked it and I never thought middle school kids would like anything to do with a bibliography. With assistance even the learning support kids did well.

Does NoodleTools make kids lazy? On the contrary, they need to know so much about their sources. NoodleTools simply handles the punctuation and arrangement of the information. If your goal is to have students be aware of their sources and cite them... this is the tool for you.

NoodleTools is absolutely fantastic. I finally have teachers who don't teach English expecting kids to have bibliographies for every project because they are easy to do and because the teachers know that they will come in a correct format. The cost is really minimal for what you get. We use it for 4th on up. I highly recommend it.

I have had many graduates in the past few years come back to visit and mention how well prepared they were for college, particularly with regards to properly completing a works cited page because of the work they did in the library with their class using NoodleTools.

– Responses to post on LM_NET, compiled by L. Frazer, K-12 Library Media Specialist


Your service is first-rate, as is your product.

– D. V. (Ph.D. student)

I just wanted to thank you - this has been the most helpful thing I have used in the three years of college. You probably are responsible for the major part of my 4.0 average this semester.

– K. M.

Wow, thank you so much for NoodleTools. It saved my life...and my grade! Incredible service! Thanks again!

– J. S.

I have found a problem. There are no links on the Web site where people like myself can write and tell ya'll thanks so very much for providing such a great service.

– G. D.

I LOVE your site! Thank you so much. My senior paper would be taking me about 10 times as long. Keep up the good work!

– N. G.

You guys are amazing!! I shared the site with my whole English class. I am an MLA junkie (bought the stylebook with my birthday money) but the site is so much easier and just as accurate.

– S. B.

Your bibliography program is incredible! It made making my bibliography faster, easier, and even fun!

– D. A.

I'd just like to drop a quick thank you to everyone at NoodleTools. I've used your site since a friend put me on to it three years ago when I started at Auckland University and it has been one of the best finds on the Internet.

– M. M.

I just wanted to say thank you so much for this wonderful service. I've been subscribed now for quite some time, and I have to say, it is worth every penny. What used to take me hours or days to look up each thing in the MLA Handbook, now takes me maybe an hour for the entire project.

– B. O.

I'm really surprised at the speed of you taking care of the problem for me. Since it's a weekend and a holiday weekend at that, I didn't expect the problem to be resolved until Monday! Thanks so much for taking care of it quickly for me! P.S. I love NoodleTools...As an English major, it's a lifesaver!

– J. A.

I just wanted to say THANK YOU and that you have a wonderful site, and great tools that are really helpful to busy college students like me!!

– Y. K.

Everyone here at USC uses it and loves it! I can speak for many who hate hate hate making bibliographies! Thank you for making this site and saving students so much time!

– A. G.

I just can't tell you how much I love NoodleTools. This year I did three papers for one of my Nursing classes and the teacher asked if she could keep them to use as examples for students next year.

– J. L.

You have the best customer support response time of any site I've used.

– B. B.

I found your site...and I have to tell you, I felt like a six-year-old opening a package on Christmas morning! I haven't been this excited since '77 when I was introduced to the Wang System 30 Word Processor! I could just kiss you all! Mahalo again for a great product...

– C. B.