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NoodleTools Premium is a school-based service supporting K12 through university via three differentiated product levels. Promote critical thinking and authentic writing at your school!

Designed by educators, for educators. Try it out today.
Equip your students with quality online tools for the research process:
  • citation
  • source evaluation
  • note-taking
  • outlining
  • document annotation / archiving
  • online collaboration

Benefit from an online classroom environment that supports the way you already teach. Oversee projects and provide timely feedback. Empower students to work simultaneously on group research, from multiple locations and devices (iPad compatible).

A Premium subscription includes expert online and offline assistance for all teachers and students. Read customer testimonials.

School Subscriptions

LicenseRequirements & Benefits 
Single teacher
Unlimited access for a single instructor and his/her students.
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Unlimited access for students and instructors at a single college/university campus.
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Single campus (K-12)
Unlimited access for students and instructors on a single ES, MS, HS, or K-12 campus.
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Full district (K-12)
Unlimited access for all students and instructors within a K-12 district. Requires participation by all middle and high schools in the district.
  • Discount of up to 20% compared to single campus rates
  • Elementary schools receive free access
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NoodleTools already works with a number of consortia throughout the country. Please give us a call at 650-561-4071 if you would like to offer NoodleTools to your member schools at the best possible rates.

Individual Subscriptions

LicenseRequirements & Benefits 
Purchase ($15.00)
Access for an individual and immediate family, including citation, note-taking, outlining and source evaluation. Expert online and offline assistance included.

Individual accounts are specially designed to support a single user, rather than to provide a classroom environment for multiple users.