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[APA] How do I cite an online ERIC Digest?

What are ERIC Digests?
ERIC Digests are full text, short reports on education topics with lists of additional resources. A digest can be found by using the unique ERIC identification number starting with ED (e.g., ED300805) in a search engine or in the Education Resources Information Center database http://www.eric.ed.gov/.  Use the Advanced Search and check "ERIC Digests" as the "Publication Type" to see all the ERIC Digests.

To get the information you need to cite a digest, click on the title in your ERIC search results.  You will see both the Full Record and and a link to the PDF version of the document.

Procedure: Choose the "Report (Technical/Research)" citation type, then select the "Database" tab as the publication medium. For ERIC, APA suggests using the database name and accession number (as opposed to a URL).

Your citation with the optional URL will look like this:

Beecher, J. (1998). Note-taking: What do we know about the benefits? (ERIC Digest No. 12). Retrieved from ERIC database. (ED300805)

This article last revised: 06/29/2012

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