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[MLA] What should I title my MLA source list?

The most common heading for an MLA-style source list is Works Cited. A Works Cited list contains only works that you will cite in your text. By default, Works Cited is the header when you create an MLA-style source list in NoodleTools.

Works Cited: A broad title for a list including all types of media and books that you used in your paper. When you create a Works Cited list, the reader expects to find brief references to all of the works in the list within the text of your paper (these references are called parenthetical citations).

Bibliography: Literally means description of books. Can be used if your source list contains only references to written literature. The more general "Works Cited" heading can also still be used in this case though.

Works Consulted: Indicates that your source list is not limited to works cited in the paper, but also contains any sources that you found helpful while doing your research.

Annotated Bibliography, Annotated List of Works Cited, Annotated List of Works Consulted: Add the word "Annotated" to the heading to indicate that you have added comments (in the Annotation field) to some or all sources in your list.

Selected Bibliography, Selected List of Works Consulted: Add the word "Selected" to the heading to suggest that your reader use the list of sources to learn more about the topic.

This article last revised: 10/22/2012

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