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[MLA] How do I cite a video clip from BrainPOP?

About the database: BrainPOP creates and distributes its own proprietary video content online. 

Procedure: Choose "Video Clip (Online)" as the citation type and then the "Database" tab.

An example citation with the optional URL looks like this:

Frogs. BrainPOP, Jr. BrainPOP, n.d. Web. 23 Sept. 2012. <http://www.brainpopjr.com/science/animals/frogs/>.


  • In the "Name of the database" field, use the autofill to select the version (BrainPOP Jr., BrainPOP, BrainPOP Español, BrainPOP ESL) that you are using.
  • Since BrainPOP URLs are short and stable, you may use them in the optional URL field.

This article last revised: 09/23/2012

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