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[APA] How do I cite a source from the ERIC database?

About this database: ERIC (Education Resources Information Center) provides access to education-related materials including books, conference papers, technical reports, policy papers and some full-text journal articles. 

Cite ERIC sources as follows:

  1. Identifiable sources (e.g., a doctoral dissertation or thesis, proceedings of a meeting, a full-text journal article or a book) should be cited by citation type.

  2. ERIC Digests, short reports funded by the Department of Education and produced by experts in the field, should be cited using the "Report (Technical/Research)" citation type, selecting "Database" as the publication medium. See How do I cite an online ERIC Digest?

  3. Preprints, papers, essays, research studies and other informally published or self-archived work in ERIC (APA 7.09 #62) can be cited using the "Unpublished Paper or Data" citation type, selecting "Database" as the publication medium. Providing the database name and ED accession number is preferred over using a URL in this case.
Example citation:

Devlin, J. M., & Seidel, S. (2009). Music preferences and their relationship to behaviors, beliefs, and attitudes toward aggression. Retrieved from ERIC database. (ED507397)

This article last revised: 06/29/2012

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