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[APA] How do I cite a source that is quoted in another source?

Scenario: You have read a journal article written by John Smith. In the article, John Smith includes a quote from Jane Adams' book Chicken Little (which you have not used in your own research). You would like to include Jane Adams' quote in your own paper.  APA cautions you to use secondary sources only when the original work is unavailable, out of print or not in English (APA 6.17).  In this case, you do not have access to Jane Adams' book, Chicken Little so you'll have to use an indirect reference.


  1. Include an entry for the source you have in hand (in this case the journal) in your reference list.
  2. In your parenthetical (in-text) reference after the quote, credit the original source (in this case the book) adding the words "as cited in..." to show that you have quoted a secondary source, rather than the original.

For example:

...Adams asserts in her book Chicken Little that "without a doubt, the chicken came before the egg" (as cited in Smith, 2005).

This article last revised: 10/30/2012

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