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[MLA] How does NoodleTools format my MLA Works Cited (spacing, margins, etc.)?

When you use the "Print/Export to Word" feature to save your list as a file that can be opened in a word processor, NoodleTools automatically formats your list according to the recommendations in the MLA Handbook (section 5.3 - 5.4). This includes:

  1. 1" left and right margin
  2. 1" top margin to the title ("Works Cited" or other custom title)
  3. 1/2" top margin to header (if using one)
  4. 1/2" hanging indentation (for entries which extend past a single line)
  5. Double-spacing throughout
  6. Annotation continues immediately following the citation, as illustrated in section 5.3 of the MLA Handbook

This formatting is illustrated below, using a source list created in NoodleTools and then opened in Microsoft Word:

MLA Formatting of Works Cited Page

This article last revised: 10/22/2012

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