Show Me© Information Literacy Modules

NoodleTools has created easy to use modules for the classroom and home.

Use a Show Me© module to enhance your teaching and guide students in information evaluation. What constitutes credible information? How does source type contribute to relevance, authority and point-of-view? How do I evaluate and cite born-digital images and online sources? All modules incorporate common core concepts.

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Introduce younger researchers to topics of authorship, source type, and the importance of critical thinking and original work.

Suggested Level: Elementary - Middleshow me
Build information literacy skills in the developing scholar with added support for a variety of source types and digital literacy skills.

Suggested Level: Middle - Highshow me
Promote research independence through advanced information-evaluation support that covers a broad range of source types.

Suggested Level: High - Universityshow me
Show Me© Information Literacy modules are free to use.

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