A Case Study: Reducing Nuclear Weapons


Scan the site to get an overview of NTI: Nuclear Threat Initiative's purpose.

  1. What is the subtitle of the site?
  2. What is the stated goal?
  3. Skim the front page and the site map to determine the topics covered by this site.

Challenge: From the evidence you have collected so far, is the purpose of this site advocacy or education?

Viewpoint, biases, insights

Information about people associated with a site is usually contained in a section called "About."

  1. Read NTI's biography of Turner. What more can you learn with a search on R.E.Turner also known as Ted Turner?
  2. With what kinds of organizations are the Board of Directors affiliated?
  3. Read NIT's speeches or search on "Sam Nunn interview" and "Sam Nunn NPR" to locate information on his point of view.
  4. Try a search on another member of NTI's Board or Staff.

Challenge: From the evidence you have collected about people, review your conclusion about the purpose of this site. Is it advocacy or education?


Investigate NTI's relationship to other organizations.

  1. Where does the Research Library information come from? Does the NTI agree with this information?
  2. What is the relationship between NTI and WMD 411?
  3. What is the relationship between NTI and Saferworld.org?
  4. What kind of sites does NTI link to? What sites link back?
  5. What projects does NTI fund?

Challenge: Is NTI an advocacy or education Web site?


  1. Who might be interested in the information on this site?
  2. Why is the NTI site translated?
  3. How is the audience for these sites different from NTI's?

Challenge: Which of these sites advocate and which educate?


Challenge: Select one country profile. Why is this country developing weapons and missiles? How credible is NTI's assessment of why the country might it chose to stop?