Visual Literacies Project
Name: (student-created rubric) Teacher: Debbie Abilock
Date : ___________________ Title of Work: ___________________
Concept described by image
There is a visual image
The image demonstrates a concept of visual literacy
The image demonstrates an important concept about visual literacy
The image clearly demonstrates a complex understanding of an important concept relating to visual literacy
Clarity of image
The image is not very clear
The image is somewhat clear in it's meaning
It is clear what the image is truing to communicate
The image clearly shows it's meaning
The paragraph does not explain the image/purpose very well
The paragraph does a decent job of explaining the image and purpose
The paragraph is clear and easy to understand
The paragraph is unified and coherent, and explains the image very clearly so that the purpose and idea of the image is obvious
The audience is not clear in the image or paragraph
The audience is somewhat clear
The audience is clearly shown in the image and paragraph
The audience is obvious in the image and backed by the paragraph

Teacher Comments: