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Teacher/Librarian Role: acts as scriptwriter to structure thinking
Learner: follows the script (potential for all levels of Bloom's Taxonomy)
Software: structures the sequence and form (handout, worksheet, tutorial)
Assessment: sometimes part of the design

Example Purpose Tools

Last Minute Strategies

Assignment Calculator

Expedient (yet complex) sequential instructions for a procrastinating student

Calendars an information literacy plan for the student, offering advice pages at each step

Web page text with illustrative (links, images) examples.

Open source database MySQL, PHP, Web

Digital Toolbox: Gathering Images Tutorial shows what images to use and where to find them. Text definition with pictures and annotated links on a Web page.
Strategies for Specific Information Use Phases


Handout to build a teacher's conceptual understanding of a research-based, progressive thinking process, with examples of its application. Formatted Adobe Acrobat sequential chart.


Evaluative Strategies for K-12 Students Handout to build a student's conceptual understanding of a research-based, progressive thinking process, with extensive examples of its application. Formatted Adobe Acrobat bulleted lists in sequence.


Information Evaluation Decision Guide

Presearch Analysis

Worksheet on information literacy strategies, with room for written responses to assess understanding Formatted Adobe Acrobat sequential prompts or questions with space for handwritten answers.


Research 101

Interactive introduction to research skills tutorial "NOT intended to replace meetings with your instructor or librarians."  Worksheets, animations, quizzes. Sequence of Web pages with plug-ins Flash, Acrobat, Shockwave animations, JavaScript quizzes. Content can be modified for your use under a Creative Commons License (some rights reserved).
Choose the Best Search for Your Information Need (click on) What Kind of News Do I Need? Handout builds understanding of search strategies, while a tutorial models one cluster of search strategies for a category of information (news). "Chunked" chart of sequenced strategies on a single Web page with Flash Viewlet (Qarbon) example of use.
Virtual Training Suite Tutorial builds subject expertise by combining pathfinders, a sequence of increasingly complex IT skills, examples and practice exercises. Common-template suite of sequential Web pages, with links collector for student.
Daedalus and Icarus Uses a software "collector" to script a critical thinking process and product. Trackstar
Bone From a Dry Sea Uses a quiz-making program to script a critical thinking process. Hot Potatoes

Effective teaching with technology matches the teacher's goals and the learner's characteristics and needs, with tools that enhance understanding.