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Teacher/Librarian Role: act as collectors/selectors 
Goal: to present well-defined containers of limited resources
Learner: chooses and uses
Software: holds and organizes
Assessment: not part of the design

Example Purpose Tools
Collections, containers, distributors, contributors
Your library's ILS
Virtual libraries: school, academic and public

SOSIG; Open Directory Project


Developing program

UN Oil for Food
Vienna International School

Presents library's selection of resources

Subject portal or directory managed by a distributed team

Historical perspective (1996-) archive
Automated library system containing OPAC, databases, etc.

open source PHP; Emilda open source MySQL, Perl

WaybackMachine's Heritrix "open-source, extensible, web-scale, archival-quality web crawler"
Third Grade Bakers




Full-text books

A limited search of recipes for young children who bake breads from different cultures each week as part of a year-long study of bread's significance for cultures.

Searches The Online Books Page, a comprehensive listing of free books available in full-text.


Merlot (peer reviewed)



"Federated search" enhanced with harvested metadata from contributing institutions.

Order and appearance of various types of results are integrated with library's catalog.



Web Feet



Decentralized, collaboratively constructed, free encyclopedia or group knowledge base; grassroots content without intermediate IT involvement.  

Peer-editing, norms and loose leadership result in balance, fairness. See Isuzu Experiment re: errors.


MaNIS (mammals)

GBIF (biodiversity)
Open architecture global data

"Anyone can them use it to construct thematic portals and specialized search facilities."

Interoperable network of databases and information technology tools using web services and Grid technologies. 
Shakespeare Overview Single-focus annotated webliographies in a searchable collection that others can modify to create a new webliography.  Trackstar collector

School-hosted blogs:

(UThink U.of Minn.Lib.)


East Side Bloggers

Interactive Stories

Planning for a unit 

Deliver current information for:
  • country study
  • author study
  • class newspaper

Distribute handouts

Assess work sort by students

Students in the district contribute to ongoing stories

Teacher collects resources, plans sequence, shares work with others

RSS feed examples:


Bend But Don't Break

Debbie's My Yahoo


Keep current on library LISfeeds

Debbie's search feed plagiarism

Google Alert (e-mail) ChangeDetect (Web page monitoring)

Logbook for a science fair project

User(s) collaborate on bookmarks.

Fresh, aggregated results dumped into readable interface


My Yahoo
Backflip (down)

Bloglines (RSS feed)
zFeeder adds RSS custom search into web page
Pluck integrates into Web browser, other aggregators

Debbie's plagiarism archive User selects and archives, comments on and shares Web content.    Furl
Scrapbook Builder
  Groups words into list by number of occurrences - writing analysis Frequency Index

Effective teaching with technology matches the teacher's goals and the learner's characteristics and needs, with tools that enhance understanding.